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Are you ready to try Fusion Academy’s personalized 1:1 learning? Contact us today and mention our Free Trial Offer Experience. In this one-hour trial, they’ll get to experience our customized scheduling and 1:1 learning program. This exclusive offer will let them see firsthand how Fusion can help them succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

What Makes Fusion Academy Different

One-to-One Education

One-to-one instruction makes students feel comfortable and confident in their learning.

Entirely Personalized

Teachers get to know their students and personalize for their strengths, interests, and learning style.

Customized Program

6th-12th grade students can join us full-time, or supplement their current schooling with part-time options like classes for credit and tutoring.

Nationally Recognized

A fully-accredited middle and high school where students have been accepted to 200+ colleges and universities.

Fusion’s Personalized Education

Our approach helps students in grades 6-12 with classes at Fusion that are one-to-one: one student and one teacher per classroom, with different teachers for different classes. Teachers personalize instruction for student strengths, interests, and learning preferences and act as mentors. In this environment, students stay engaged in learning and don’t move on to the next class unless they achieve mastery of the subject.

Is Your Child Struggling at School?

Students in traditional classrooms face distractions, confusion, and difficulties that can cause them to miss out on learning and building key skills. Fusion overcomes these obstacles with personalized one-to-one learning, mentoring, and fostering great relationships with our students.

Fusion is here to offer support with:

  • Full-time middle and high school
  • Part-time classes for credit
  • Tutoring and mentoring
  • Homework support
  • Rolling enrollment

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